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Have you ever felt like you needed someone to give you a clear answer, just a little advice on what you should do about something? Did you ever need a trusted friend to offer some gentle support and an encouraging word? All of us have been in that position at some point in our lives. Should I take that job? Is he/she the right one for me? Is it time to sell my house? Is this relationship ending? Or it might be something as simple as asking for general guidance for the work week ahead. Well, a great way to navigate these moments in life and get the guidance you seek is through Angel Card Readings.


The Archangels and our personal guardian angels are always available to offer wisdom, guidance, and protection. The only problem is that many of us are completely unaware of their presence and have no idea how to communicate with them. Well, there's good news! Angel Card Readings provide a real, hands on way to make the connection you're looking for and get the support you need.


I use a variety of card decks including Angel Oracle Cards and Angel Tarot Cards. Angel Tarot is based on traditional tarot only without the fear and intimidation that you often see in traditional tarot's images. Most of the decks I use have been created by Radleigh Valentine and they are full of loving energy and compassion.


"Our desire in creating the Angel Tarot Cards was to help you feel the love, compassion, and hope that tarot can bring into your life. We wanted to bring this centuries-old magical art out of the shadows and into the full view of Divine light!"
   - Radleigh Valentine


I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, trained through the
Certified Angel Card Readers Course led by Radleigh.
I would love to hear your story and see how it unfolds.
Contact me today and let's get started!

The Healing River

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